Celebrate Nashville Event October 6, 2012

Join us for the annual Celebrate Nashville Cultural Festival and enjoy a FREE fun day of entertainment, activities, music, dancing, arts and crafts, food, kid’s activities and more!!

Capoeira Angola Palmares Nashville familia will be performing from 3-3:30pm  at Centennial Park @ the teen station in front of the Parthenon-

Encounter with Mestre João Grande while in NYC- Summer 2012

Visiting Mestre João Grande Capoeira Academy- What a honor!
Mestre João Grande is the last living mestre who learned the art from mestre Pastinha- in the capoeira world a legendary man indeed!Image

Hadley Park 100th year celebration


Training, batizado, and graduation in New York City- Summer 2012-



Capoeira Angola Palmares Nashville event @ Macy’s


Louisiana workshop coming up

Register for the workshop in Baton Rouge and New Orleans, the weekend of Feb. 18-19, here. Mestre Gulliver will be leading the training; don’t miss it – or the Mardi Gras festivities!


Training, batizado, and graduation in New York City

Training, batizado, and graduation in New York City

Members of Capoeira Angola Palmares Nashville traveled to New York City for a training and graduation under the guidance of Mestre Gulliver, along with Mestre Calunga of Florianopolis, Oct. 17-23. Our teachers, Cojaqui and Zulu, graduated to dark green and yellow cordaos. It was a terrific week of learning, sharing, and reconnecting with our capoeira family!

Upcoming events

Stop by Celebrate Nashville on Oct. 1, between 3 and 6 p.m. to see Capoeira Angola Palmares Nashville!

Or join us in New York City for training and a batizado with Mestre Gulliver. Training will be Oct. 17-23. Contact us for more information.


Aug. 26-28, Pirata Negro of the Baton Rouge group of Capoeira Angola Palmares will be hosting a training. Join us in Louisiana for this event!

As fall comes closer, so do changes in the class schedule. Look for announcements soon about classes at Meharry, Vanderbilt, and Hadley Park.